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Does your software vendor’s support community look like the picture above? It says its a support community, but, the bars on the widows are giving more of a “keep out” rather than “come in and let me help” message. Many software vendors today are the same, they give the customer unfinished products with no documentation, no support, and expect you to figure it out yourself. And if you call, they act as if your support request is a burden.

How many times have you written to your software vendor and never received a follow up or even a confirmation? An acknowledgment even? Is calling just as bad? Phone keeps ringing, or, “mailbox is full” messages? The answer is too many times.

Another question; would this lack of service be acceptable to your own customers? What would your customers do if they kept getting ghosted and ignored by your customer service team? The answer is they would find a new service provider.

The Superior Support Experience!

Data Decisions ESM (Equipment Service Manager) is built around customer support and satisfaction. ESM has a variety of support level agreements (SLA) that guarantees support response times either by phone, email, or, online chat. ESM has a dedicated support site where you can view the history of corrections and customizations completed, and, outstanding issue tickets and feature requests.

ESM itself is built around customer support. With built in chat to help your team navigate the application in real time, you are never left waiting for answers. Also, ESM not a one size fits all solution! It offers customization at every level to ensure it works directly with your workflow.

All this great support is available for a no cost demo for a full 60 days! Get started with our real support community today by messaging support@datadecisions.net. Data Decisions is serious about support; you and your business should be too!

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