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Mobile Technician Solutions with ESM

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Over the past decade, Equipment Service Manager (ESM) has faced and overcome several challenges. These challenges have allowed ESM to grow into a leading and critical component in the repair, loaner, and exchange business workflow at companies across the globe. Two challenges that new customers frequently discuss with existing workflows are realtime data exchange with existing back-office systems, and, off-line data processing. ESM Mobile solves both these problems for customers out-of-the-box without custom setups.

On-site in realtime

Retrieving data from a remote customer location is not the same challenge today that it was ten years ago. Mobile phones, tablets and other devices allow to be collected from almost anywhere. Getting data on a device is less than half the challenge. If data doesn’t flow in realtime to back-office systems, it’s no better than having a stack of paper. Distributed workforces without realtime interactions are never at optimal efficiency.

If data doesn’t flow in realtime to back-office systems, it’s no better than having a stack of paper

All transactions in ESM are realtime. By using a proprietary data-translation process, ESM can translate mobile data and send it directly to any-backoffice system immediately. While no custom setups are required, new data not currently in ESM can be added in less than 24 hours. ESM can also send realtime updates though telephone voice calls, SMS messages, emails, chatrooms, etc.. ESM allows businesses to react just-in-time (JIT) to current customer engagements to allow a level of service that was not possible with other systems.

Offline Ready

Even with the wide availability of today’s wireless data, it is still not available everywhere or at all places on-site with the customer. Large warehouses often have wireless deadspots and walk-in refrigeration units are almost always void of any wireless service.


Offline with ESM

ESM seamlessly transitions from offline to online and back again. ESM data is collected and saved locally when offline, then, transfered automatically when connection is restored. No action needed by the mobile user. All actions at the customer site can be completed offline such as:

  • Signature collection
  • Statement of Work creation
  • Inspections
  • Repair manual lookups
  • Much more …

ESM Mobile offline and reatime capabilities help empower managers and technicians remain focused on servicing customers and not on the limitations of technology. Contact Data Decisions today to discover how ESM can bring your customer service to the next level.

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